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I am a staunch advocate of the Black Hat Feng Shui method, basically because I tried to the use the Form school and compass method and after studying them wanted to move house, which was a bit drastic!.   Personally I found them too confusing for me and so I was delighted when I discovered the Black Hat Feng Shui or Black Sect as it is sometimes known.  

Black Hat was introduced to the USA in the mid 1980’s as a feng shui practice that can be easily adopted in Western Culture.  You don’t have to move home, get a compass or concern yourself with anything other than where is your front door and how to draw nine squares on a piece of paper.   

The objective is to create harmony in your environment, which will make you feel better, lift your mood and therefore raise your vibration and energy.  Energy is everything in this practice and working with energy is so much fun. 

How to apply Black Hat Feng Shui

Pick one area of your life at a time rather than run around the house changing everything at once and watch the results and then move on to the next.    A traditionally common area to start with is the money sector and I’ve written a previous article on how to enhance your money luck using Feng Shui. 

Click HERE for the link.

Feng Shui works with the desire to harmonise chi, good energy in your home.   You draw a floor plan of your home, break it down into nine sections and work in each of the areas.   Each area is related to an area of your life and you can use colours and elements in each of these areas to adopt the harmony.

If you wish to consult a Feng Shui practitioner then that is also an option.  I use the Black Hat because it is simple and something I can easily do myself but you may feel that you would like to consult an expert if you are experiencing a serious sense of lack in this area. 

However if you are happy to have a go yourself then I’ve illustrated the bagua which is the feng shui map to overlay on your house plan. 

 The Black Hat Bagua

Place the Career section where you enter your front door. If you use your back door, use this door as your main entrance.

To help you understand this I can share what I have in my home to enchance my own Feng Shui.

  • Career : Black accessories, painting of running water
  • Friends : silver coloured vase & Buddha
  • Knowledge : blue cushion and plant
  • Family : green cushions and leafy green plant plus wood furniture
  • Money : purple vase and amethyst crystal cluster
  • Fame : Red curtains, red silked plant and candles
  • Love : I struggle with pink so have Chinese mandarin ducks here and rose quartz crystals
  • Children : White walls and metal framed pictures of my daughter
  • Health : Light yellow hallway and plants for Earth

I think from this you will get a general understanding of how to apply these principles of feng shui.   The most important aspect of Feng Shui is to clear clutter, it holds you down and the purpose is to create a harmonic environment.   The intention to clear space and place love and intention into every area of your life is a fantastic starting point.

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