Poems about Life

 Are you looking for some inspiring words about life? 

Are you searching for answers? Looking for happiness? Or just need a little motivation to keep you going on your journey?

‘Poems about Life’ presents inspirational rhyming poetry, written in plain and simple language, that will speak to your soul during the confusing journey of life. There are twenty poems covering themes such as overcoming negative beliefs, striving for our dreams, managing fear and change, the value of friends, the importance of kindness and societal expectations surrounding beauty and what it is like inside a female’s mind.  This little black book is packed with words of encouragement and reflection on the meaning of life as we search for answers and happiness.

Poems about Life is the third book in ‘the Emotional Word’ poetry series, and if you like lyrical, rhyming poetry that resonates at a deep level, then you’ll love this book.

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