How to use a Pendulum

A pendulum is one of the most commonly used tools for divination, anyone can do it – it is simply a question of practice. In physical terms a pendulum is a weighted object hung from a single chain or cord (in the majority of cases it will be a strung crystal). You learn how to interpret the answers to yes, no or maybe and then you start asking questions.

Follow this exercise to connect with your pendulum

  • Sit with a straight back. 
  • Exhale loudly through your mouth all your stresses and worries.
  • Breath in through your nose to the count of five.
  • Breath out through your mouth to the count of five.
  • Hold the end of the chain between your thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand (If the chain feels too long wrap it slightly around your forefinger).
  • Gently run your fingers from your non-dominant hand down the chain to imprint your energy and ensure the pendulum is perfectly still.
  • Gently remove your fingers and wait for the pendulum to stop moving.
  • Focus your energy on the pendulum.
  • Ask it out loud or silently in your mind to show you a yes response. It will swing back and forth (North to South) or side to side (West to East).  This is your yes response.
  • Repeat the question for your no answer. It will swing in the opposite direction.
  • Finally, ask it to show you a cannot answer now response.  This will typically swing in a circular motion or what I call all around the world compass swing.

Your pendulum will be unique to you – mine swings back and forth for yes, side to side for no, and in a circular motion for cannot answer now responses. 

When you use it for the first time, I recommend you ask a few times to see a yes and no response until you are sure which is the correct interpretation for you.  Once you have mastered this you should move onto basic questions such as is my name “?”, is my eye colour “?” etc., you get the general idea as this will build your confidence in your ability to interpret the pendulum.

Please do not rely on your pendulum to make all your decisions in life, where would be the fun in that?

This is designed to develop your psychic ability and intuition, only you can be the master of your destiny – not a pendulum.As the pendulum relies on your energy to work effectively, I advise you not use it when you are emotionally distressed or in a negative state as you will get an inaccurate reading. It needs a calm state and an open mind.

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