How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

At my last show this was a question that cropped up a lot and so it is something I share with you this week.

We are all born psychic but what does that mean?   Firstly, I will explain what defines a ‘psychic’, a little bit about our six senses, a protection exercise, and a link to a previous article on how to meet your spirit guides.

What is a psychic?

Contrary to popular stereotypes, we don’t wear gypsy clothes, sit in a tent with a crystal ball and adopt a ‘hippy’ lifestyle.   Not that there is anything remotely wrong with any of that but on the whole I receive a wide eyed look of surprise when I tell new acquaintances what I do.  I took me years to be able to say the word ‘psychic’ because it holds so much emotion for all concerned.  I still meet people to this day that will immediately shut down or turn away in case I can read their mind.    If I could have one wish in my lifetime it would be to change the perception of the word ‘psychic’.    We are normal everyday people, we have just spent a lot of time and effort developing our gifts to serve the world.    Sadly, we are often ridiculed, mistrusted, feared and outcast because of this but in the words of Bob Dylan “the times they are a changin’”. 

It is now more widely accepted that we are indeed all psychic but what does that mean?

We all accept that we have five senses; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.  However, there is a sixth sense, this is not a physical sense as described but commonly referred to as a ‘gut feeling’ a ‘hunch’, a ‘feeling’, an ‘intuition’.  It’s this feeling that is the extra sense, our extra sensory perception.  That’s why these days a lot of psychics calls themselves ‘intuitive’ because we tap into that feeling and develop one of the following psychic senses.


This is the most common of all the senses in which we see mental images or moving pictures of a scene.  A bit like a photograph album clicking through our mind. 

Personally I do not see physically with my eyes but my mind’s eye and the image are usually very clear so that I can relay what I am seeing.  Some psychics see with their physical eyes but the majority of us see pictures in our minds.


This is when you hear spirit speaking in your mind.  Once again it does not tend to be a verbal communication like you or I would have but an internal communication.    This gift tends to start with a high pitched or buzzing noise in your ear.  At this point, you can train yourself to adjust the vibration, slow it down or increase it to actually hear the words that are being said. 


This is a sensing in its truest form, you feel the physical sensations either in the person you are reading for as in empathy or you can receive a sensation from the spirit world that will allow you to make an identification of the person that crossed over.  For example, if they had a painful leg they may give you this impression.  This is a fleeting feeling just long enough for you to identify with it.


Clairallience refers to an ability to receive information through the sense of scent.  Whichever scent you receive will relate to the spirit that has crossed over.  A favourite perfume, flower or tobacco smoke are common scents.


Information is received with this sense through taste.   A strong sensation in the mouth such as the taste of apples if your passed over relative used to enjoy apples and lived in an orchard.  You get the general idea.  

Once you have connected to the Divine and established a working relationship with your Spirit Guide, one of these senses will be a natural gift for you although you may develop all five. 

Click HERE for a link to a previous article on “How to contact your spirit guide”.


I mention protection not because something sinister is lurking in the dark shadows, although my cat has a tendency to do this just to make me jump!  Using your psychic senses requires you to shift your vibration and use a higher energy.  Once the euphoria has worn off it can be extremely exhausting.  This because you are working with energy and giving your energy to the communication.

Before every contact you should imagine walking into a white bubble of love where you are safe, protected, happy and calm.    This is critical to your emotional wellbeing as it really can be draining.  You simply need to remember to step into your bubble, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath and begin.   

How to develop your psychic abilities for professional work

There are a number of ways to develop your psychic gifts.  You can join what we call a ‘development circle’ but these can be hard to find.  Another option is to go a psychic college such as The College of Psychic Studies in London where you can choose a course that appeals to you or if you are serious about becoming of service to the Spirit World the renowned “Arthur Findlay College” in Stansted. 

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