How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

This subject came up quite a lot at the recent mind, body, spirit exhibition I attended and so I wanted to cover it this week.

Some of you will be aware of your spirit guide, know that you have one and yet still feel alone so I wanted to share a few tips that I have used over the years to strengthen that bond.  This means you will never doubt the existence of them as you will just know that they are there.

I will talk about what is a spirit guide, how to contact yours and how to build and strengthen the bond.   Before I begin I just wanted to say that there have been periods in my own life when I have very much doubted that I was protected or loved when I was younger.  Actually, if I had known then what I know now I wouldn’t have carried the pain that I carried around for a number of years. Isn’t inner knowledge a wonderful thing?! So I hope that this little article helps you if you need it right now.

What is a spirit guide?

We have various guides, not just one and so I will start at the beginning.   You are a spirit in a human body.  This is fact number one.  You are pure energy contained within this human body and life experience that you are having.   You are connected to Divine Intelligence or the Source because you are part of it.  

Primary Guide

When you decided as a thought to come into this life, you wanted certain experiences for your evolvement and so did your primary guide.  They are with you from birth until your crossing over, you are continually learning from each other.   Although they are there at all times they are forbidden to drive your life or take over as you were also born with ‘free will’.  This is not for negotiation, you will not be possessed by them or taken over because you are a soul with free will and nothing can happen to you unless you invite it.   They are pure beings of love, they love you like no other as they live in Divine Source and this is a place of pure light and love.

Angels or Ascended Masters

These are pure light and love of a very high vibrational nature and are here to assist mankind in pure spiritual evolvement.  They tend to attach to either spiritual healers or spiritual teachers as this is the main focus of their loving intention.  To raise the vibrational level of mankind to a place of light and love.    They have a lot to teach.

Ancestral member

This type of guide is one of our ancestors or a relative that has passed on before our birth.   This relative does not remain because they are tied to the earth or don’t want to let go, but because they have a calling to be with you through your lifetime for one reason or another.  There is a natural bond as they come from the same lineage so there is ancestral wisdom. 

Power Animal

You don’t have to be Shaman to understand or need a power animal.  Animals have their own traits, wisdom and messages to impart.  It is said that we walk with a power animal or animal spirit guide to connect us to nature and their particular traits.   They usually come to us as a sign when we reach a fork in our lives.  They will appear in symbolic form on a recurrent basis until we acknowledge them.  So if you are seeing the same animal over and over again there is a message for you in this visitation.

Higher Self

Personally, I find this one of the most misunderstood of all guides because it is us.  It is our own energy vortex, where we came from as a thought into a physical reality.  It is ourselves in its purest form, our soul on a journey towards enlightenment.  We, in our physical body, are merely a projection, like a holograph, of our Higher Self.  Our higher self is devoted to our progress in life because we are it and we are here to carry out a purpose.

 10 steps on how to contact your spirit guides

As you know, you are a spirit in a physical body

  1.  Get yourself into a relaxed state, sitting comfortably or lying down.  You are going to raise your vibration to the vibration of love and joy.  This is where your guides live.
  2. Empty your mind and focus on your breathing.  Breathe in love and joy and out stress and negativity.  Feel the shift.
  3. Imagine a white light coming in through your crown chakra (top of your head) and running through your body.  Relaxing all your muscles
  4. Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden with a garden seat
  5. Sit on the seat and invite your spirit guide to come closer to you, knowing all the time that you are safe and loved
  6. Ask your spirit guide to give you a calling card, this can be a physical sensation on your body, a sound or a smell.
  7. Ask your Spirit Guide to give you this calling card three times so that you can be sure it is them
  8. Bask in the love that they have for you and ask if they have any message for you at this time, you can ask for their name if you so wish but the calling card will be their main identification
  9. Listen carefully
  10. When you are ready return your focus to your breathe, in love and out stress and come back into the room.

If you don’t receive any message the first time, keep trying.  Your spirit guide is there for you and you alone.  They walk every step beside you in life.  It is all in the vibration, if you cannot contact them immediately you need to raise your vibration to a happier, higher place.  Literally, think happy thoughts when you breathe in the love and joy.  You will feel the shift in your body as it becomes lighter.

An important note to re-iterate is that a true guide will never frighten you, tell you what to do or use words like ‘should’.  They will also not act as a divination tool.  They have joined you for your spiritual journey in life, which is ultimately about enlightenment of your soul.  They can give you intuitive insight, bring synchronicity and co-incidences to pass and leave calling cards.  Calling cards are physical confirmation that they are there, what we would call signs.

How to strengthen the bond

This is done through regular meetings with them.  After you have spent some time in a meditative state raising your vibration and receiving answers to questions, you will be able to shift your vibration in an alert state.  When you are awake you can take a deep breathe in with joy, shift your vibration consciously and call whichever guide you wish to talk to.  They will give you their calling card or sign and you being the communication in an alert state.   Alert state is difficult to describe, it is almost in a daydream state with a happy feeling. 

You can only truly strengthen the bond with practice, it requires commitment on your part.  Mainly because you are all learning to tap into each other’s vibrational wavelength.  It comes with anything in life, practice.  It’s not arduous and it makes you feel so happy and connected that you will happy to put in the time.

They are connected to you through thought.  My guides explained it to me like this and hopefully this will resonate.  It is like being in love for the first time, you think about them all the time, they are constantly on your mind and you feel connected in a way that is inexplicable.  It is the same for our guides, they are connected to us and they love us deeply.  We only have to think of them and they are ready to answer our questions.  It is a bond that will not be broken and when we invite them in our lives make more sense.

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