How to cleanse and charge your crystals

This is a simple guide on how to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Think of them as little batteries that need a boost as do we all from time to time

You do not need to do them every month, but you will sense a drop in energy in your environment if you keep crystals nearby or a general flatness in yourself if you wear them. Crystals pick up on all types of energy, they are like sponges in your environment. If you are going through a rough patch wash and charge them frequently and place in the sun if you can’t wait for a full moon.

It’s important to understand that as they came from Mother Nature and they are recharged by her in the simplest of forms. Some practitioners use the rays of the sun, the rays of the moon, wash them in the sea or place them in a stream (in a net for easy removal! You don’t want to lose them).

I usually wait for a full moon, gather up all my crystals and carry out the following practice (probably every 3 months or more if I feel flat as mentioned)

  • Collect all your crystals in readiness early evening.
  • Use a clean bowl or glass fruit bowl something you can put all your crystals in and both hands.
  • Sprinkle a handful of rock salt (table salt will do fine) over the crystals in your bowl.
  • Turn on the tap and fill the bowl with cold water.
  • Run your hands all over the crystals, washing them and thanking them for their role in your life.
  • Once you feel that enough time has been spent cleansing them you can place them in the full moon’s rays. I place mine on a window sill on a sheet or two of kitchen paper in the light of the moon.
  • Leave them all night and return them to their usual place in the morning all charged and ready for action.

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