Top 10 Protection Tips

This week has seen a theme cropping up on more than one occasion so I want to share a couple of quick fixes I always do to manage any feelings of vulnerability. 

Before I talk about the actual tips for protection that I use myself and with clients I wanted to point out that feeling vulnerable is a pre-requisite to being human. This is when we need to remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings with a human body, emotions and experiences, it is not the other way around; a human with a spirit. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the need for protection. This will stem from a fear-based belief that you are not in control for one reason or another and to eliminate the fear you would need to look at the root cause for the fear in the first place. In the interim, we can make our life more comfortable with a few protection techniques.

Black Tourmaline

Top 10 Protection Cures and Tips for the Modern Mystic

  1. Tigers Eye – carry around Tigers Eye, it is the crystal for protection.
  2. Black Tourmaline – This is the heavyweight of protection crystals which you can place in the centre of your home or near the front entrance to ‘guard’ you.
  3. Bach’s Rescue Remedy – available from most health food shops and some pharmacies.
  4. Clapping – Enter the four corners of each room in your home and clap away the negative energy that you will be bringing due to anxiety emotion.
  5. Meditate – if you struggle to quiet your mind you can listen to many good guided meditations online.
  6. Music – play some cheerful and therapeutic music to lift the mood in your home.
  7. Write down all those unwanted thoughts on a piece of paper and burn it safely in a bowl. Release them to the universe and trust that time will reveal and/or heal.  
  8. Ask for guidance from your guides and watch out for signs.
  9. Clear clutter in your home – not only does this occupy you it also releases any stagnant energy in the home.
  10. Connect with nature – go for a walk in nature. This grounds you reconnecting you to mother earth.

This is not an exhaustive or conclusive list but is certainly enough to help with those feelings of vulnerability. As an additional measure we can always call in Archangel Michael to protect and guide us until we feel stronger and more connected to life’s flow and purpose.

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