Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT first swept the world by storm a few years ago.  There are an awful lot of practitioners that are familiar with the technique and have been using it with some success, however, it reached new giddy heights with Hay House authors Nick & Jessica Ortner.   They are a brother and sister team who successfully used the technique to take their own lives, and hundreds more, up to a new level.

EFT is an ancient method of tapping on meridian points to identify with a negative emotion, in which you tap on meridian points as you identify with the feeling, then you tap it out.   Sounds fantastically easy doesn’t it.   I witnessed with my own eyes a live demonstration with Jessica Ortner in London, taking three ladies on stage that had an emotional intensity towards chocolate.   I can seriously relate to that so she had my avid attention at this point.   Each person was asked to give the emotion a number of intensity, 1 being low and 10 being the highest.   They were given a bar of chocolate to hold unwrapped and asked to smell it, intensifying the emotion even further.   Unsurprisingly, 10 was the common denominator.    Jessica then took them through the tapping technique.  After they had finished one round two ladies could honestly say they didn’t want the chocolate anymore.  One lady needed another round of tapping and all three left the stage with the chocolate untouched and unwanted.   

What was interesting for me, wasn’t necessarily the outcome, it was the emotional statements or feelings that came up when they connected to the desire.  Primarily it was about deeming the chocolate to be a childhood treat and deserving, emotionally feeding the spirit with goodness.    A deserving reward in essence.

Fascinated, I began tapping like fury on my absolute fear of travelling through London.   To say that I stress is an understatement.  Outwardly, cool as cucumber I am always a quivering wreck inside.   I must check for my ticket about five times before I even get on the train.  I put it in a special pocket, then I forget that I have put it in my special pocket and tear the contents of my handbag to pieces in a frantic state.  Craziness hits! 

And so I tapped and tapped and became calm, interestingly it was about being in control, a fear of losing my ticket, missing my train and getting lost.  I review the route before I leave and print it off to reliably be called about four or five times as I’m actually entering London.  Complete nut job!

I brought up a fear of being lost, late and in the wrong place, which ultimately is all about control.  You know, I seriously didn’t know I carried this stuff around.   Friends are surprised that I didn’t know I was a control freak.  Seriously I think we all are to a degree because it stems from a basic need to feel safe.

And so to the actual technique, I have illustrated the diagram of the actual points on your face and torso you need to tap.

1.   Identify with an overriding negative emotion, get into the feeling and tap and talk as follows, give it a voice and release it.

2.  Tap continuously on the Karate Chop (KC) point whilst saying: Even though I have this feeling of (problem) I completely love and accept myself.

3.  Then tap on the following points (using the illustration) and say even though I have this feeling, all this feeling of (problem) and it is driving me crazy I completely love and accept myself.   You don’t have to use my exact words but you must conclude with “I completely love and accept myself).  Tap it out once all the around the points and two further times.   You may be surprised what tapping uncovers.

KC – Karate Chop Point

EB – Eyebrow

SE – Side of Eye

UE – Under the Eye

UN – Under the Nose

CH – Chin

CB – Collarbone

UA – Under the Arm

H – Head

4.  Once you have tapped the negativity three times you need to rewrite your thinking by placing a positive statement about the underlying emotion you will have uncovered.   For example, mine was about feeling safe. So I re-enforced with ‘even though I feel fear in travelling to new places, I completely love and accept myself, I trust that I will study the route, put it away, buy my ticket, know where I have put it and get there on time, relaxed, happy, on time and safe.  It worked for me.

To summarise, three times around the points with the negativity and three times around the points with the positive statement.  

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