Do Guardian Angels Exist?

Although we are all flesh and bone which in itself is an amazing journey into life and energy, the most amazing part of us is our spirit. The inner self, higher self call it what you will – the soul.

It is your soul that shines and is the energy source and key to all the great things in this life. Your soul is here to learn, and the mind-blowing part is that some believe your soul signed up to all these lessons before you arrived. Personally, I like to think of it as a beautiful meeting place before your physical inception. You and several other souls (including those you feel immediately connected to in life) met and agreed to each other’s blueprints for life.

Some believe that we are soul’s moving through various planes of existence until we reach the very highest. A new soul will start at level 1 (pretty much like a PlayStation game – you start on a level) and you keep learning, going through birth and death, birth and death until you have learnt all that your soul needs for its evolvement. You don’t remember these previous existences because they would hinder this lifetime as a totally unique experience. However, if we truly desire it we can access these prior existences through a soul memory achieved as part of a past life regression.

So, before inception, you wanted to be here and were excited about this next chapter in your evolvement. At the same time, one of these souls agreed to accompany you and act as your Guardian from the moment of your birth until your last breath. Uniquely assigned to you, sometimes they are Ancestral which is a particularly touching tribute. They are your one true life companion.

As well as a Guardian Angel we have many spirit guides (they can be either temporary or a lifetime, it depends on their role/agreement with us). In fact, it is as our lowest points emotionally that they all arrive at once. It’s almost too ironic to understand why when you need them the most you can feel entirely cut off from the rest of the world, physically and spiritually. This is because during these times we operate at such a low, dense frequency and they operate at a much higher level.
Meditation is the easiest way to connect and communicate with these spiritual beings that live in the light. No groaning, it simply means to sit in silence, mentally enter a safe place and push your energy to the highest purest light to welcome them forward.

There is nothing to be afraid of because our Guardian Angel/Guides are always kind, loving and supportive. You may find it easier to connect in the quiet of the night or first thing in the morning. If you can set a regular time this will help you get into a routine of spiritual connection, try and think of it as a nightly or morning team meeting. Remember that they operate on a high vibration so the higher your resonance the easier it will be to gain a good, strong connection.

They can only steer us, never take over and neither would they want to, this is our personal journey of enlightenment. We also have free will which can never be compromised. We never forget the first time, during mine I wept like a baby due to the pure energy of love, I was humbled by the genuine authentic adoration that I received as it washed over me in gentle waves. That was over twenty-five years ago, these days we have a team meeting whilst I’m preparing breakfast unless I am genuinely struggling with a life direction.

Please know that you are not alone, ask your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guides for advice and wait for their answer. My only cautionary advice is that it may not be the answer you want!

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