Chaldean Numerology – Your Life Path

Find your Life Code and your Destiny

This is by far my favourite number of all, it’s the why am I here, and what am I meant to be doing with my life. Unsurprisingly, it stems from your date of birth.  Unlike your name, it cannot be altered!  The other three parts of this article were based on your energy.  What type of character you are and the tendencies of your energetic vibration.  Your passions, your hidden talents and how you to appear to the world.   As you know, your energetic vibration can be changed to whatever you want it to be and it is the one thing we have complete control over.   This is where the different types of numerology can become so varied in their approach but they all agree on the truth of the date of birth, happily they also agree on the numerical vibrations of the number. 

When we look at the destiny number or life code as I prefer to call it, we use your date of birth to determine the ”what am I doing here on this beautiful earth place” your driving force.  If you live your life in this number, in whatever way you can, it can lead you to fulfilment.  Now that’s a journey that’s worth looking into.

So let’s get started.

Take a piece of paper, write out your full date of birth and add it all up until you reach one number, unless it is a master number of 11,22 or 33, which you don’t reduce as it has its own meaning.

For example, if you were born on the 12th July 1973 then you would calculate as follows using the appropriate month number:


12th July 1973

1 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 30  

3 + 0 = 3

This date of birth gives a Life Code of 3.

Once you have your number check out the following interpretations below and you may find the answers resonate.  

Numerology is a fascinating subject but as always it’s important to remember that you came into this life with free will, you can choose to explore this further or discard it as not for you.  I have so many clients that are stunned by the accuracy of their code.  For example, they have always wanted to travel and explore (life code 5) and yet they are stuck in a 9-5 job.  This doesn’t mean you throw in the job but you look at ways of exploring your life code in your spare time.   You will find fulfilment if you just study other cultures and ancient truths.   

In case you are wondering, I am a life code 3, which means I have a burning desire to leave something creative and lasting.   It is also the number of the mystic, as we pull from the unseen and make it a reality. 

Life Code 1.

  • You want to lead the way, you will be independent and struggle to follow a set of rules, preferring to make the rules.  You will feel driven to prove yourself.

Life Code 2

  • You will be strongest in a relationship and have the ability to see both sides of an argument.  A natural peacemaker – harmony is your goal. You will feel driven to experience connection and intimacy

Life Code 3

  • You are creative and will be more in tune with your vibration if you are writing, singing, dancing, acting, painting, and drawing.  Anything that allows you to express yourself.  You will feel driven to create something of lasting value.

Life Code 4

  • This is the builder number, you build a secure environment, a great community or home.   You are dedicated and a hard worker.  Someone has an idea and you will turn it into a solid foundation – a reality. You will feel driven to ‘belong’ to a connection, family or society.

Life Code 5

  • You want to be free, travel, see the world and explore this life.  You can easily feel trapped if you are caged in and will flee in your mind even though your body may well be here in everyday life.  You will feel driven to find out who you really are by exploring the world.

Life Code 6

  1. A home maker of note, the six creates a beautiful and harmonic environment that stimulates the senses.  You will feel drawn to protect and care for others

Life Code 7

  • This is the wisdom number; the truth seeker.  You have a natural tendency to seek wisdom and share it.  The 7 is the eternal student – seeking everywhere.   You will feel driven to find the truth

Life Code 8

  • The number of manifestation.  In simple words you will have an idea and make it happen.  Great business leaders, reliable and responsible.  Almost executive in your approach to life.  You will feel drawn to understand the rules of life and make dreams come true.

Life Code 9

  • You are a natural humanitarian and will be desperate to ‘get it right’.  You just want to be happy and for the world to lighten up a bit.   The 9 is also the number of faith through trial and tribulation.  You may find that you have overcome struggles in life and feel driven to share optimism with the world

 Life Code 11

  • Master number 11.  This is the number of the rule breaker.  You break free from ideas about your place in life and inspire others to do the same.  The double ‘1’ is the ‘2’ enhanced.  You will feel driven to break free with someone by your side. 

Life Code 22

  • Master number 22. This is the number of the ruler, the classic emperor/empress. A leadership role that exercises great power.   You will be a force to be reckoned with if you set your mind to building anything.   The double 2 is the ‘4’ enhanced and you will feel driven to create a community.

Life Code 33

  • Master number 33.  This is the number of the teacher, inspiring through the 3 creatively and caring and sharing through the total double 3 of a 6.    You will feel driven to share creative ideas on a grand scale.  

When you take your life code and your talents (the number behind your full name) you can combine the both to allow you to use your natural energy to bring your life code to ‘life’. 

For example, ey essence is ‘5’ and my life code ‘3’.  Therefore, I am driven to find the truth and share it creatively.  Hopefully that will give you an idea of how you can match the two numbers to create a reality that is wonderful and unique to you.  Living a life you were born to live before you were programmed to conform within society is a purposeful endeavour, I think you’ll agree.

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