Archangels to the Rescue

Believed to reside in Gods Throne room they are devoted towards the protection and spiritual evolvement of humanity. Each one can support with a different area of our lives and all you have to do is ask! It’s that simple.

Check out the chart below, if there is any area of your life that you need assistance with and pull their energy closer by either wearing their resonating colour or crystal, you can also hold the crystal and meditate, calling their name or simply talk to them. Remember that they are there to assist humanity, which unsurprisingly includes you. If you dont’ receive an inner answer then you can expect synchronicity to guide you to the answer or solution to your questions.

Archangel   Assists with Colour Crystal
Michael Protection & Strength Cobalt Blue Lapis lazuli Blue agate
Gabriel Divine Guidance & Hope Pure White Moonstone Clear quartz
Raphael Life Balance & Healing Green Aventurine or Malachite
Jophiel Enlightenment & Wisdom Yellow Citrine or Amber
Uriel Life Change & Transformation Purple Amethyst or Hematite
Chamuel Unconditional Love Pink Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite
Zadkiel Peace, Happiness & Forgiveness Lilac or Violet Amethyst or Blue Moonstone
Archangel Guidance Chart


Michael is probably the best known of all the Archangels.  He is God’s right hand, the leader of all the angels and the warrior.  He chases away fear and gives us courage by waving his sword at all obstacles.  He works with the Blue ray and his Hebrew name means ‘Who is like God’


Gabriel is typically shown blowing a horn and works alongside Michael.   He is the messenger bearer and works on the white ray.   He advises us to trust and have hope, by listening to our hearts rather than our heads we will feel guided on the right path.    His Hebrew name means ‘Strength of God’


Raphael teaches us all about balance by healing.  He heals with his Green ray of nature.   He is typically called upon to help healers as his Hebrew name means ‘healing power of God’.   Without balance in our lives, we cannot possibly have harmony.


Jophiel is the Archangel of beauty and wisdom.  He allows us to see the beauty in any given situation by shining the golden yellow light from the sun on it.  This will lead to enlightenment.  Jophiel’s Hebrew name means ‘Beauty of God’


Uriel’s Hebrew name means ‘God is Light’ and he is typically represented with fire, energy and passion.  He will help you with life changes and transformation as these are only outside factors.  We all have the answers within us to know when something is right.  He reminds you to look within


Chamuel is the Archangel of unconditional love.  Not the romantic kind but the purest kind of love that helps us have the ability to love all living things.  He helps heal a broken heart and remove a lack of trust in ever finding love.   His Hebrew name means ‘He who sees God’


Zadkiel is the Archangel of Freedom.  His Hebrew name means ‘righteousness of God’.  He is the Archangel that you call upon to help heal deep, buried and destructive patterns.  He will show the way of forgiveness, forgiveness of ourselves as well as others.  Only when we truly forgive past hurts and pains can we fully move forward into peace, happiness and freedom.  Many therapists use a violet coloured cloth to bring in the cleansing energy of Zadkiel.

Finally, I want to stress once more that angelic intervention is not exclusive to the enlightened few.  They won’t intervene uninvited because as human souls we have free will, but if you want some help then all you have to do is ask.  

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